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Best gift for your special friends

Gift vouchers are available as rated below.

Full payment is required in advance.

Gift vouchers are transferable and valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Gift vouchers are not refundable.


Step 1: Decide which Gift Voucher you want (see pictures below) and how many. 

Step 2: Pay the full amount either via​

        - GCash [Send Money] → 0999 105 1748 

​        - METROBANK 

           Account name : WOOHAN LEE

           Account Number  344-7-344-52949-0  

​        - PAYPAL

​Step 3:  Send any proof (i.e. screenshot) of your payment to :

Step 4: Once the payment is received by HIGH 5 PARAGLIDING you will get an e-mail with the voucher(s).

         The voucher(s) are transferable to anyone.


Step 5: To redeem the voucher(s),  go to "BOOK A FLIGHT" and mention "Gift Voucher" in the message box. 

Step 6: Flights will be confirmed via e-mail. NOTE: Paragliding is a weather dependent activity.

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