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  • When is flying season?
    The best flying season is Amihan(dry) season usually start October until May. However, we fly during Habagat(wet) season usually start June until September. So, it is a bit hard because of more humidity and typhoon effect. Mostly it rains heavily during August.
  • What is age limit for tandem flying?
    Basically no age limit. But we recommend more than 5 years old. Because we are not sure baby will have a good memory or bad memory even no crying.
  • Can I fly with my puppy?
    Yes. It's possible. But you have to inform us ahead because we have to prepare a harness for your dog. If you have a dog harness that is safe enough to hold your puppy, you can use your own.
  • What is weight limit?
    We recommend less than 90Kg. But we can accept up to 110Kg. If we don't have enough wind(more than 15Km/h), some pilot not welcome flying with heavy passengers. So it depends on wind and pilot. If you pay 1K more, I guess you can fly.
  • Do you provide transportation service?
    Yes. We providing service going to Pililia flying site. It's limited less 4 paxs basically. But if you are a big group, we can provide up to 12 paxs.
  • Where is pick-up location?
    Habagat season for Pililia flying site (Oct. - May) - Tickling KFC along the Ortigas Ave. Amihan season (June - September) - Tickling KFC along the Ortigas Ave.
  • How to travel to Cardona flying site?
    We recommend you using UV Express van leaving from Starmall on EDSA/Shaw. That's the most convenient way to travel point to point service. Once you arrive in Cardona, you can drop in front of Alfa-mart or UV express station. And then just ride a try-cycle to go "Mt Riwata". It will pass by Capistrano street. Once you arrived end of concrete road. You can hike a minute to reach the take-off.
  • Refund policy
    Not refundable - passenger didn't show up on the booking date - we don't refund within the valid booking term Refundable - pilot didn't show up on the booking date
  • Where is flying site?
    Near Metro Manila - Cardona / Binangonan Rizal 1.5h from Makati - Carmona Cavite (temporary closed) 40 minutes from Makati - Pililia Rizal 2h driving from Makati - San Mateo Rizal (temporary closed) 1.5h from Makati - Mt Arayat Pampanga 2h driving from Makati Nueva Viscaya Sarangany


Rates are different on weekdays and weekends/Holidays. The rates with HIGH 5 PARAGLIDING are very reasonable for this kind of activity starting from PHP 3000,- per person. For more details click RATES


The best way to book a flight is ONLINE BOOKING. Please note that a deposit is reqiured to secure your booking. WALK-IN is possible as long as there are slots available but WALK-IN rates are higher. For booking please check BOOK A FLIGHT.


Paragliding is a totally weather and wind dependent activity. Often  the flying conditions are good early morning and late afternoon. HIGH 5 PARAGLIDING is trying to schedule the best time for you according to the weather forecast. Therefore it is important to be at the meeting point at the scheduled time.

It is best to plan for a half day as there are some preparations involved and often some waiting time.

The actual time in the air is between 10-15 min. You can book longer flights for an additional fee (check RATES).


Besides using your own transport (vehicle/taxi) there is also public transport to all locations available but plan extra time. HIGH 5 PARAGLIDING also offers transport for an additional fee. Directions to the flysites will be given with the final confirmation as the location might vary.


Always bring some water with you.  It is usually sunny and hot and not all flysites have a shop nearby. Long pants/leggings are better than shorts or skirts due to the terrain and sometimes sharp grass. Dry fit or similar material is recommended. Also sun protection (hat, sun blocker, shades and long sleeves jersey) is something you do not want to miss. Absolutely NO SLIPPERS or high heels please. Any kind of outdoor/trekking/trail/running shoes are good.
Toiletries: Insect repellant, alcohol, wipes.
Helmet (and all other flying gear) will be provided but feel free to bring your own.
You can bring and use your own camera or phone but HIGH 5 PARAGLIDING takes absolutely no liability for lost or damaged items during the activity. You can rent a GOPRO for a fee.


There is no age limit as a passenger for tandem paragliding. However there is a weight range. Minimum weight is 20kg and maximum weight is 100kg. This for safety reasons and also for the right fit of the equipment.
If you feel healthy in general, you are probably fit enough for paragliding. In case you are not sure, please consult a doctor.

Persons With Disabilities (PWD) are encouraged to do tandem paragliding as long as it does not interfere with the safety procedures.

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