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High 5 Paragliding


Marketing your product


Fascinating (Tandem) Paragliding


Flying is one of the top fascinating things for most people. This counts especially for paragliding, the most aesthetic of all kinds of flying sports activities. The possibility to fly easily over high mountain peaks up to the clouds is enthusiastic even for those, who never flew themselves. Hardly anybody can stop dreaming, watching a paraglider taking off easily after just a few steps of the pilot and cruising along a mountain ridge. Therefore people stop and watch intensively seeing a paraglider in the air. Everybody wants to take pictures/videos from the moment of the take-off, the flight and the landing.


Paragliding is a rather new kind of activity. It started to be recognized as a sport in Europe only in the late 80's and in the Philippines just a few years ago. Worldwide the number of competitions is increasing and it is now more presented in the media. In the Philippines paragliding was broadcasted many times on TV and numerous articles were printed in magazines.


The Canopy is the perfect billboard


Because of the fascination of free flying, the canopy of the paraglider is a very powerful marketing space. Big scale advertisements and logos can be placed on the wing. This comes with many advantages. The costs are comparatively low and technically it is easy to make. A logo on a wing is a very memorable way to establish a brand name.

In contrast to advertising through media the recipient of the message is always in a positive mood: fine weather, leisure time or holidays, often spend with friends or family. Paragliding is an outdoor sport practiced in leisure time. People watching paragliders are often on holidays, so they have time to  watch and take pictures. Studies show that people keep watching a paraglider for 2 to 15 minutes. This is a very long time to memorize the advertisement. The memory is combined with the positive image of a paraglider, which makes the message even more sustainable.


Tandem Paragliding


Tandem paragliders use a wing large enough to hold two people, an experienced and certified  pilot  and a passenger.  Each person is seated comfortably in their own harness which are attached together, with the passenger in front, and the pilot right behind. A flight takes usually 10-15 minutes. Passengers usually come with friends or families. Paragliding is a special event for everyone. Countless pictures and videos are taken. Social media (i.e. Facebook) is covered with pictures and videos for days. It multiplies the advertisement countlessly.


The passengers are mostly middle class urban people with spending power. Most of them are young (20-30 years old), educated, trendy and female.


Your logo will be printed onto the wing as shown in the photos.  This will  serve as your air advertisement.

Which kind of advertising works best for paragliders


Any brand which stands for:


+ risk management but not risk seeking

+ trendy

+ environmental conscious

+ nature lovers/outdoor

+ sportive

+ fair

+ communication/social


Facts and figures


A Tandem-paraglider has the size of approx. 42 sqm.


Its lifespan depends on the number of flights and airtime. It is good for approx. 800 flights or 200 hours of airtime.


Approximately 300-400 Tandem Paragliding flights are done every year by one pilot.


Mileage is as follows:


Carmona, Cavite Flysite - October to May (250 flights)

San Mateo/Rizal - June to September (50 flights)

Binangonan/Rizal - October to May (50 flights)

Expedition trips (all over the Philippines) - (20 flights)


Special events 


i.e. "Hot Air Balloon" in Clark, "Daet Aero Sport Show", IPAC2014, PGAWC2015 etc...




Your investment will be maximized to approx. 400 flights/pax in a year and a wide range of exposure to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, etc...)

By the way, it will also be featured in all blogs, website affiliates.

Also it is often covered by TV and magazines (i.e. View, Woman's Golf).

It is a new and exciting sport in the Philippines at this time and gets a lot of attention. With this kind of sponsorship your logo will appear in various medias (Facebook, magazines, TV) all year round.

I also recommend to provide stickers to put on the helmets of pax and pilot.




  • The sponsorship is valid for 2 years.


  • The wing remains the property of  HIGH 5 PARAGLIDING (H5P).


  • The sponsor has the right to use any kind of pictures/videos for its own marketing purpose.


  • 5 free Tandems will be provided to the sponsor.


  • Initial payment of 250,000  PHP  includes 1  wing, the ad print, tariffs and delivery. Once 80% downpayment have been deposited, parcel will be delivered to H5P.  20% balance should be paid upon receipt of parcel.



note: from the ordering date upon to delivery the wing takes up to 2-3 months (custom made wing, shipment, customs clearance etc.)


0999 105 1748








TRIPADVISOR:  high 5 paragliding

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